Trying to Wake Up America? Getting Discouraged?

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Age of Information

You know, it is frustrating. There are those of us on the Right who see what’s happening. It’s plain as day to us. We’re sounding the bells, trying to educate those who don’t read & research like we do. Many tell us we’re paranoid or that we love drama. But truthfully? We just love our country. We have suffered under so many unconstitutional decrees, we are over it. It’s affected us all & not in a good way. We want to salvage our country & turn it around again. We want there to be something for our children when they’re adults. THAT is what keeps us speaking up and not caring if our friends, family & acquaintances shun us.

I posted about the FCC issue on my personal wall last night. I prefaced it by saying that I knew my post would probably be ignored, as any political posts usually…

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