I shouldn’t have looked but it doesn’t matter anymore…

It doesn’t matter anymore. Bullshit Anya. Why do you think about him constantly? Easy, because he was special. I’m concerned he was just in it for himself though. But why go through the fuss of finding a girl you want a relationship with if it was all a lie? That’s not rational. Just remember to remind yourself of what you know to be true in life.

I was adding his Facebook profile when I found a duplicate profile of his name. It was her. The mother of his new child. The one she had to lock him down. Is that wrong of me to say? No. If it’s true it’s true.

So what did she look like? Like me but cheaper. Okay Anya, there’s no need to be petty. Ah fuck it, this is my post and I will say what I want.

Am I better? Of course. So why am I all shaken up now? I know I don’t care much about looks but for some reason I always feel threatened when I see a look-a-like, no matter who they are.

You’re just jealous because she had his baby! Am I though? I know for a fact the father of my child, also known as my husband first, wouldn’t be involved in the kinds of mingling most men are. Why am I so confident? Because the guys I’m interested in can see the competition behind them. Many have left me and cheated on me out of fear and intimidation. I guess that’s what I just felt looking at her page, or something like it.

I can’t get the sound of disgust from her voice out my head. It’s reassuring tho… 😏 I’m right. The only thing I need to prove it is time.

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